Keeping the trails safe
By SLVFD News Room
January 15, 2024

SLVFD's 17-14-UTV 1 is a "Utility Terrain Vehicle" aka a "side by side" it serves as a vehicle to take responders and equipment where bigger vehicles can not go due to the limited size of the trail or the ruggedness of the terrain. It is further equipped to carry a litter patient and a seated medic out of the backwoods or off a trail such as the Adirondack Rail Trail, especially in the snowy winter months.

The SLVFD is equipped with both a four wheeler with a "rescue boggin" as well this vehicle, UTV-1. Both the 4 wheeler and the UTV are fitted for tires or tracks.

Today because of the recent snow, UTV-1 swapped off its tires and installed the tracks. As part of that process, 2 SLVFD firefighters test drove the tracks on the new rail trail, which is a prime example of where a vehicle such as this may be used.

It was a beautiful day on the trail and we were excited to see folks outdoors on the trail enjoying the fresh snow. We will always do our best to be prepared to respond to emergencies wherever they may occur, be it in the main populated part of town or out on the trail. We encourage all to enjoy the trail, but please be safe!