SLVFD Welcomes Probationary Firefighter Adam Mayville
By SLVFD News Room
March 25, 2023

The SLVFD would like to welcome new member Adam Mayville. The SLVFD is excited to have him on board!

Adam is the purchasing agent at Trudeau Institute and has been in this position for four years. He has been an employee of Trudeau Institute for just under ten years. As the purchasing agent, he has to evaluate each supplier and consider their quality, availability, price, and reliability of their merchandise. Adam keeps good vendor relationships all while making sure each department has the equipment and resources needed to complete each task. Adam takes great pride in his job and helping his fellow employees in getting the necessary equipment needed! Adam wanted to further apply his skills, and create an opportunity to learn new things and create lifelong friendships by making the brave decision to join the Fire Department!

We asked Adam why he decided to join the Fire Department and he answered, “I decided to join the Fire Department to give back to the community that has helped shape me into the person I am today. I know that volunteer Departments all across the country are struggling to find members, and I wanted to do my part and become part of the solution by joining the Fire Department and helping local citizens in their time of need.”

On Thursday, March 2nd Adam attended his first monthly meeting and began his 6 month probationary period which all new members are required to do. During this period he will attend monthly training, meetings, and fire calls. We are ecstatic to have Adam be a part of our big family!

Thank you for your service, Adam!

Looking for an opportunity to serve your community? We could certainly use your help!

Membership in the SLVFD is an honor and we can make a difference in your life. Membership requires significant commitment. If you think you are interested in serving please email us at call (518) 891-2333, stop by the firehouse, or introduce yourself to any SLVFD member.


Norman J Karp March 26, 2023 at 10:48 AM
Congratulations on your achievement. As a first responder you have a lot to do quickly and without hesitation. The rewards you will reap are the feelings knowing you helped your fellow neighbors to save their home or a life. I know you will be able to handle the tasks at hand and Saranac Lake is lucky to have you. I wish you all the best. Be safe out there.