SLVFD Welcomes Probationary Firefighter Dylan Gunther
By SLVFD News Room
March 24, 2023

The SLVFD would like to welcome new probationary firefighter Dylan Gunther. The SLVFD is excited to have him with us!

Dylan works with the federal prison in the recreation department. He watches up to 400 inmates at a time! He enjoys the adrenaline rush that comes along with the job. He takes pride in his job and being in the position he is in to make sure that each and every staff member gets home safe to their families and finishes out each shift. He wanted to help further apply himself and his skills by making the courageous decision to join the SLVFD.

We asked Dylan why he wanted to join the SLVFD and he stated, “I decided to join the Fire Department to give back to the community that has been my home my whole life. I want to have a purpose in everything I do and what better opportunity to do that than the Fire Department!”

Dylan attended his first regular department meeting on Thursday, March 2nd. During his first 6 months as a firefighter he will complete a probationary period where he will learn the ins and outs of the Department, respond to calls, and attend regular department meetings and monthly training.

Thank you for your service, Dylan!

Looking for an opportunity to serve your community? We could certainly use your help!

Membership in the SLVFD is an honor and we can make a difference in your life. Membership requires significant commitment. If you think you are interested in serving please email us at call (518) 891-2333, stop by the firehouse, or introduce yourself to any SLVFD member.