Recent SLVFD training prepares firefighters for "Ice Rescue"
By SLVFD News Room
January 29, 2022

Recently the Saranac Lake Volunteer Fire Department conducted several drills and trainings on ice rescue and recovery operations.

On Thursday January 13th, our members conducted a dry land training for ice rescue technicians and line tenders at the Saranac Lake Baptist Church gym.

One of the biggest challenges training for ice rescue is being able to duplicate realistic conditions with "realistic" victims. There are many reasons for this including the very short window of opportunity to train in realistic ice conditions during ice in and ice out. When we do conduct live training on thin / poor ice our would be "victims" are also dressed in full ice rescue gear vs. the normal winter clothing and boots we would encounter with a real victim.

This video is SLVFD's new 2021, 1000 Islands Rescue Airboat training on Lake Colby. This boat replaced our 30 plus year old Scatt (3 person) hovercraft. SLVFD Marine 1 training included basic daytime and night time operations, unloading and loading the boat on the traier, "pre-flight" inspection, safety guidelines and methods for deploying ice rescue technicians from the boat.

A big thank you to the dedicated members of SLVFD who braved the bitter cold temperatures during this training. We would also like to especially thank our community for their continued unconditional support. Your support is critical in keeping our volunteers safe and providing emergency services to our resident and visitors. Thank you.