SLVFD wraps up a busy Winter Carnival week!!! (Carnival Video Included)
By SLVFD News Room
February 13, 2020

Before we begin the SLVFD would like to extend a congratulations and thank you to the carnival committee and all the organizations that make this week so special.

For those of us who live in Saranac Lake, and for those who come home, and for those tourist who travel from far away and brave the winter weather; The Saranac Lake Winter Carnival is very special mid winter break.

For the SLVFD members and our families, it is just as special, but it does require some planning to keep everyone including the large influx of visitor’s safe. We participate in some events just for fun, but as much fun as some of the events are we are also providing specific public safety.

This year we were a little disappointed that we were not able to conduct our annual firefighter’s broomball tournament due to the snow storm on Friday, but that did not slow us down a bit.

The SLVFD participated in and supported the following events.
- Providing color guard at coronation
- Providing fire police at coronation
- Providing traffic control at the Ice Palace
- Providing standby at the opening fireworks display
- Participating in and providing emergency coverage during the parade
- Providing standby at the closing fireworks display

Our biggest day is no surprise, with the influx of thousands of visitors for the Gala-Parade the second Saturday is all hands on deck at the SLVFD and we require and received mutual aid from both the Paul Smith’s-Gabriels and Bloomingdale Volunteer Fire Departments, The Franklin County Fire Police Team, the Lake Placid VFD Fire Police, and the Saranac Lake Volunteer Rescue Squad. The SLVFD Auxiliary was also involved and provided meals for breakfast and after the parade for the all the first responders. We would not be able to provide the coverage we do without all of their help and the SLVFD wishes to thank all of those who helped.

As we said in the beginning we would like to recognize and thank the carnival committee and the many people and organizations that make this a very special time.

Congratulations Saranac Lake, You put on a really nice show!!!