SLVFD conducts Dive Team training
May 15, 2018

Recently your SLVFD dive team spent 2 evening sessions training at the North Country Community College Pool.

Training included the use of the "no-stealth" regulator and full face masks along with the use of the MK2 DCI communication intercom system, and new 911 buoyancy compensators .

Training with this new gear allows the divers to gain confidence with this equipment.

It is our goal to equip all of our divers with this new gear, including replacing our current wet suits with new dry suits.

The divers continually train to understand when it is safe to perform dives versus surface rescue. Continuous risk analysis is conducted to ensure our team functions safely and that we all get to go home at the end of the mission.

Upon completion of pool refreshers and with the onset of nicer weather training will transfer to open water.

We continually emphasize on this website that it takes a lot of training and preparedness to keep our community safe. Dive team training such as this is yet another example of the dedication and professionalism displayed by our volunteers.